We have something new, and it's blue! 💙

This just in… our new Earth Cups have finally arrived! They’re a little different than our original ones, but the same mission still applies: Making Sustainability Cool!

We recognize that it’s not easy for everyone to have access to a composting facility, so we decided to make an alternative – blue Earth Cups that are 100% recyclable! 

Solo cups end up in landfills and harm our environment because they are made of polystyrene, which is not recyclable. Our new cups are not made from this toxic material, but from PET, which can be recycled anywhere! To better ensure recycling streams are kept clean, be sure to rinse food / liquids out of your PET Earth Cups before disposing of them!  

Our goal is and always will be to #stopSolo! This new edition of Earth Cups will help us continue to do just that. By offering competitive prices, we are confident that more people will switch from Solo Cups to Earth Cups, therefore limiting the amount of polystyrene used and put into landfills and the natural environment.

Our new Earth Cups are live on our website, so buy yourself a pack (or two) and see for yourself how great they are! 

Thank you so much for your continued support!

As always, remember to Drink Sustainably!

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