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What is the EC Alumni Fund? 

 The EC alumni Fund is a donation fund dedicated to supporting colleges and students to make more sustainable everyday choices. 

EC supports, hosts events, and over 50 colleges across the US

The EC Alumni Fund is a fund to support our new sustainable ventures. Every donation, no matter the size, is both needed and appreciated. Every penny will be used to create sustainable products, support our partner NGOs, and help spread our brand's story and mission. More specifically, here's what your donations will go towards:

- Continued R&D into new eco-friendly products (cups, sweatshirts, golf balls, dice, among others) 
- Organizing & funding plastic-waste cleanups 
- Promotional and educational events 
- Sustained partnerships with environmental NGOs 

 We challenge you to shop sustainably, think sustainably, and live sustainably –– supporting a young, environmentally-driven brand started by two college students is a great way to start! 

 Thank You,

- Michael & Peter


 Donations School Sponsorships Grants 

Use of funds: Helping school organizations become more sustainable through EC practices Help students afford Earth Cups on their college campuses as an alternative to red solo cups Educational seminars and workshops So far, we have raised over $20,000 through generous donations, and sponsorship programs. With your help, we can continue to support students across all colleges and universities afford earth cups, help them go green, lead educational seminars, and make colleges as green as they get.