Our Mission

We strive to make sustainability cool and universal through our products and ventures. 

Our Partners

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Bondhe E Shams

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Our Story

In late 2020, co-Founders Misha Medvedev and Peter Frelinghuysen––then student-athletes at Williams College––saw an opportunity to make a difference.

On their way to tennis practice, Misha and Peter would see thousands of (red) plastic cups littered across their campus and recognized the problem that is single-use plastic waste. They did some quick digging and soon learned just how harmful and ubiquitous the cheap-looking cups are. So, in April 2021, they launched Earth Cups, 100% biodegradable and compostable cups, an eco-friendly alternative to typical single-use plastic. Operating with the simple mission of making sustainability cool for next-generation consumers, Earth Brands seeks to solve the issue of plastic waste by providing innovative, plant-based alternatives to environmentally harmful and outdated products.

Our Future

At Earth Brands, we are strong believers in the future of bioplastics, as we recognize the need to develop more efficient waste infrastructure systems. Ultimately, we think there’s a bright future of circular economies for both composting & recycling. We aim to help our clientele and partner organizations set up efficient closed-loop collection systems that mitigate their waste streams and improve their footprints. Our end-goal is to create products that are 100% sustainable––easily degradable, carbon neutral––and 100% cool.

Our Impact

Planet over profit

Sustainability Report (coming soon)

June 2020

2 Co-Founders

In late 2019, Misha and Peter came together and decided to start their journey into the world of sustainability. A year and some months later, in April 2021, they launched their popular Earth Cups, providing college students and big organizations alike with an way to Drink Sustainably.™

Arpil 2021

10,000 cups of clean water provided

Since inception, Misha and Peter have partnered with several non-profit environmental organizations. One of their partners––since 2020––is Bondh E Shams, a non-profit whose innovative Oasis Box harnesses solar energy and turns it into clean drinking water for less-developed communities across the Middle East and Africa. Another partner is Make a Change World, a non-profit dedicated to removing plastic from rivers and waterways in Indonesia, ensuring a cleaner ocean.

December 2021

$15,000 donated

To date, Earth Brands has donated over $15,000 to their environmental organizations through direct contributions, their 1% for the Planet membership, their Climate Neutral certification, and through various events and cleanups.

July 2022

7.5mm+ cups sold

Since April 2021, Earth Brands has sold over 7.5mm units of cups and other plant-based products to individuals and organizations around the world, displacing as many petroleum-based plastic products.

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