We are excited to announce that we have raised a round of funding of $1.7mm. While we have grown considerably since launching our eco-friendly Earth Cups in April 2021, this capital will be fundamental to our long-term scaling efforts. The funds will primarily be allocated to expanding our operations in the United States, research and development into new products and sustainable materials, our efforts to streamline the cup-purchasing model for college students, and building out our team. 1/26/2022

First off, from the entire Earth Cups team, we’d like to thank you for your loyal support. Without you, we would just be a couple friends in a dorm room with an idea. In fact, it was just eight months ago that we started a GoFundMe campaign, hopeful that our idea might resonate with a few people. 12/21/2021

We’re back to give our fans and followers a long-awaited progress update. There’s some pretty amazing stuff we have been working on and we are so excited to share everything with you. 7/18/2021

Making sustainability cool is the goal of a new business venture born out of a Long Island garage by Nassau County college students. 6/22/2021

As sustainability becomes increasingly more important in our everyday lives, everyone is looking for a way to make their own impact, and we’ve recently found a way for you to do just that – Earth Cups. 5/21/2021

Long Island college student Misha Medvedev is warehousing 100,000 biodegradable cups in his mother’s Albertson garage. He founded Earth Cups to compete with the much bigger company that makes red Solo plastic cups. 6/22/2021

WILLIAMSTOWN — After decades of plastic pollution at college campuses, a Williams College junior finally has figured out how to make beer pong Earth-friendly. 4/29/2021

Two guys with long hair, looking for a way to keep hair out of their faces while also supporting the environment: Misha and Peter started Earth Caps, selling hats that use a unique fabric to reduce plastic waste, and Earth Cups, selling cups made out of biodegradable material. 2/18/2021

Welcome to the Earth Caps Blog, a direct forum for all things Earth Caps––written by co-Founders Misha and Peter. Yes, we know that blogs seem as outdated as Blackberry’s or MySpace, but we also think it’s part of our job to keep you––our fans and followers––updated on our progress. And, at least to us, our growth has been really exciting, making it something we’d like to share. In addition, we see the importance of transparency when a company’s social mission is so closely aligned with its ethos. 12/31/2020

Peter Frelinghuysen and Misha Medvedev, who played together on the Williams tennis team, noticed in spring 2019 that their collection of caps, which both used frequently to contain their prodigious locks, had become rather large and had come from a wide variety of sources. 12/26/2020

In summer 2019, two Williams College students and tennis teammates, Misha Medvedev and Peter Frelinghuysen founded Earth Caps, an environmentally focused clothing company dedicated to giving back to the community by combating climate change. Earth Caps is committed to donating $5 from every cap sold to environmental organizations that work to combat global warming and remedy its devastating effects on our planet. The company’s mission is quite simple: “Buy a cap, save the Earth”... 12/26/2020

Co-founders Misha Medvedev and Peter Frelinghuysen interview with the Entrepreneurship club at Williams College 12/26/2020

Misha Medvedev ’22 and Peter Frelinghuysen ’22 have been friends since they met while playing junior tennis at age 14. Last summer — half a decade later — they decided to start their own company, Earth Caps. 12/26/2020