Closed Loop Program
Make your event organization zero waste.
Picking Up Solo Cup Trash From Lawn
The Solution

A simple, sustainable approach to disposal

We’ve partnered with over 50 composting facilities across the United States to help organizations transition to closed-loop collection systems.

Receive Earth Bins


Recycle products and waste


Haulers collect waste for you


Receive data on your waste & carbon savings


Become closer to net-zero!

Go Net Zero Today!

Are You an Organization?

Join the 100+ companies & organizations that have already made the switch to Earth Cups.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does closed loop collection mean?

For larger organizations and venues, we’ll partner haulers and composting facilities to collect, sanitize, and repurpose plant-based Earth Cups as raw material. Please contact if you’re interested!

What are the benefits to setting up a closed loop collection program?

There are many cost and environmental benefits associated with the closed loop collection program. For one, we’ll work with you to provide usable and valuable metrics on plastic diverted from landfill, carbon saved, and waste composted. Additionally, we can save you cost on waste collection bills, environmental footprint, and other typical fees.

How do I see if my organization/venue is a good fit for closed loop collection?

Please contact to start the conversation! We want to make it easy and affordable for businesses and organizations to reduce their waste footprint.

be cool 😎

Drink Sustainably

be cool 😎

Drink Sustainably

The Cuban
Tangy and Delicious

A zesty cocktail named after one of our zesty investors, perfect for investor meetings.

  • 2 oz Tequila
  • 4 oz Ginger Beer
  • 1 Lime Wedge
The Cuban Earth Cups Cocktail