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What is ECA?

The Earth Cups Alliance was created by Earth Brands with the mission to create a community of like-minded and forward-thinking students who share a desire to make sustainability mainstream. The alliance consists of student-run organizations on campuses across the nation, and provides them with sustainable solutions (products, services, connections).


- Sign up and forget: have Earth Cups delivered automatically to your doorstep every 7/21/30 days

- Affordability: access to exclusive highly discounted cups to make sustainability more accessible

- Resources and solutions to make organization-specific sustainability improvements

- Assistance with planning and executing Zero-Waste Events

- Connections to composting facilities across the nation

- Dedicated Earth Brands staff to help facilitate projects and sustainability initiatives 

- Ability to throw/attend EC-sponsored philanthropic events (raise money for environmental non-profits)

- Opportunity to order custom plant-based cups with low MOQs

- Status as a sustainable group and EC partner

Join dozens of student-run organizations nationwide to discuss and promote sustainability across college campuses; gain access to discounted products, resources, and services through the Earth Cups Alliance.

If you have any questions feel free to reach out to

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Earth Cups Alliance Membership
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Regular vs Premium:

- Regular: This level is for organizations that go through LESS than 10,000 cups a semester. $150 flat fee for exclusive access to cases of 1,000 Earth Cups for $85 and free shipping.

- Premium: This level is for organizations that go through MORE than 10,000 cups a semester. $300 flat fee for exclusive access to cases of 1,000 Earth Cups for $70 and free shipping.